Album: Fountayne Mountain


“Writing memorable songs in a style of music they already love, and they have achieved it” – Mojo

“Downright pretty” – Uncut

“Psych-country pop that mixes West Coast 60s America, junked-out 70s and the best of the 90s northern England” – NME

“Absolutely wonderful stuff” – Shindig! Magazine

“Steeped in psychedelic lore, the blissful moments are matched by the kind of intense rapture only guitar clad astronauts such as Spacemen 3 can provide.” – Clash Magazine

 “Channels the classicisms of Love-era LA with La’s era Liverpool; the private press country-rock of Relatively Clean Rivers with the laconic, wasted drawled vocals of the junked-up 70s. It’s all great, but the Beggars Banquet vibe of It’s True is a highlight” 4 Stars – Record Collector